Pillowsprays was started by Steven Crumblehulme MSc MAR who has a background in Holistic Therapies and Cognitive Psychology. There is no 'guaranteed' way to fall asleep (and stay asleep) but you can stack the odds in your favour. Here are Steven's 7 top tips for getting a better sleep, naturally.
A woman sleeping on a dark bed
  1. Aim for your bedroom to be approximately 18°C. Too warm and you'll struggle to fall asleep, too cold and you'll likely wake around 5am when body temperatures are at their lowest.
  2. Get plenty of morning daylight. Outdoor light - even on a cloudy day - is many times brighter than artificial light. This brighter light increases alertness and resets our Circadian Rhythms (our sleep/wake cycles).
  3. Avoid caffeine after midday. The half-life of caffeine in adults is about 5-6 hours. By drinking caffeine after midday you risk disrupting your sleep pattern and your sleep quality.
  4. Limit device use before bed. Many studies suggest that blue light in the evening disrupts your brain’s natural sleep-wake cycles, which are crucial for optimal health.
  5. Find a relaxing night-time routine. Whether it is reading or listening to soft music, keeping a routine before bed tells your brain that it is time for sleep. This repetition is a form of 'Classical Conditioning' or 'learning through association'. Use one of our Pillowsprays too and you will soon associate the scent with a better sleep.
  6. Deep breathing before bedtime. The rest and digest system is another name for the Parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with repair, relaxation and rest. The opposite is the Sympathetic system, which is our 'fight or flight' response. By deep breathing before bed, and focussing on your breathing, you help kickstart your 'rest and digest' system and sleep better.
  7. Write down your worries. Keep a notepad to record your worries, or simply use it to record the key tasks you need to accomplish in the coming days. By committing these thoughts to paper you externalise them. This in turn leaves you less prone to lay awake pondering on them if you wake in the night.
We include a copy of our Sleep Tips in all our Pillowsprays orders. Our Pillowsprays are designed to help you sleep better by establishing a relaxing bedtime routine. They also harness the natural properties of beautifully scented essential oils. If you're ready to discover your favourite scent, why not head to our Product page?