Pillowsprays is a coming together of two strands of study; Psychology and Aromatherapy. The company was started by Steven Crumblehulme who is based in the Cotswolds.

Steven received a Masters in Cognitive Therapies and Sleep Psychology and, after a period working as a Psychology teacher, now runs a successful Reflexology practice.

Over several years Steven has used his knowledge of Psychology and Aromatherapy to help many of his existing clients. With a belief that a sound sleep is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, Pillowsprays was set up to bring high quality natural sleep aids to the market.

Pillowsprays range contains 5 beautiful scents

Our brand was founded on the belief that you shouldn't need deep pockets to get a deep sleep. We provide a range of natural, beautifully fragranced scents which can be used as linen sprays or as room sprays. All contain carefully curated oils which go beyond the usual Lavender sprays on the market (although we have those too!).

Our mission is providing a high quality product in an ethical way. We use premium essential oils that are organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Our pillow sprays contain no artificial perfumes and are 'clean-fragrance'. All of our pillow sprays are in a generous 100ml bottle.