Are your Pillow Sprays suitable for children/babies/toddlers?

Our Pillow Sprays are for suitable for age 5+ (under adult supervision). For younger children within this age range, you may wish to consider using as a room spray, prior to using as a Pillow Spray.

Do you offer test/sample sizes?
Unfortunately not (because of the cost of producing smaller versions). We are sure you will love your product but if you are not completely satisfied please let us know and we will help you further.

I just placed an order, when will it be sent?
Orders are sent within 24-48 hours from purchase.

I have not received my order, can you help me?
Please contact us with your order details and we will help track your item via Royal Mail. PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of delays at Royal Mail owing to Coronavirus and staff having to self-isolate. In the unlikely event that your item doesn't arrive we will therefore ask you to wait 10 working days before we consider re-sending your item/s.

Are your products Vegan?
Yes, all of our Pillow Sprays are Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

What about allergies?
Our essential oils are all natural and blended in our products at safe levels. You should satisfy yourself that you are not allergic to any ingredients prior to use.

Do you offer discounts?
We certainly do and run promotions at various times of the year. Please make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter to hear about our latest offers. Remember we also offer FREE postage on UK orders over £15.

Are your products safe if I have pets?
Owing to the dilution level of the oils within our Pillowsprays our products are fine for use where there is a pet in the household. However, your Pillowsprays should not be used to specifically freshen or scent your pet's bedding or to calm your pet. You should discontinue use if you notice any abnormal behaviour in your pet.

I have a question that isn't here, can you please help?
Please send us a message via the Contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.