Damson, Patchouli and Rose Candle

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Damson and Rose combine to give a warm, gently sweet scent with floral notes. Subtle base notes of Patchouli make this a sophisticated scent with a strong throw. Made with premium fragrance oils.

Pairs well with: Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lime Pillow Spray


Our Damson, Patchouli and Rose candle has been hand-poured with care in the Cotswolds, using 100% soywax and premium fragrance scents.

With a burn time of approximately 35 hours this candle is designed to help you create a relaxing ambience. It's inspired by nature, and our own best-selling pillow spray range.


- Avoid trimming/breaking wick too low as this may lead to tunnelling.

- Place on a level surface to ensure candle burns from edge to edge

- Avoid tunnelling by making sure the wax melts from edge to edge at the first burn. Try to burn your candles for fewer, longer periods, rather than in short durations. This will help avoid tunnelling.


Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Do not leave candles unattended or sleep with candles lit. Keep away from flammable materials and do not place in a draft. Keep away from children and pets. Trim wick to 5mm between uses. May produce an allergic reaction. Protect the surface on which the candle rests.


Soywax, Premium fragrance oils*

*(Coumarin, Ethyl methylphenylglycidate, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, alpha-Pinene, d-Limonene, delta-1-(2,6,6-Trime-thyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one.)

Customer Reviews

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Anna S
Candles and pillow Sprays

It started with a gift of pillow spray, which got me hooked. Pillow Sprays are fabulous and the quality of my sleep so much better. Moved on to the candles and they are just divine. Can not recommend enough

Hi Anna - thank you for your kind words about the Damson candle. The fruity scent is definitely one of my favourites. Great to know you're benefitting from using the pillow sprays too,
Steven x

Lynne Hallums
Absolutely Fabulous!

I absolutely LOVE the Damson, Patchouli & Rose candle, it has to be my favourite! The scent is just divine - so relaxing & uplifting! It really is very rare that I can ever find a candle that actually keeps its aroma as it burns, but Steven’s candles do, as they’ve got essential oils in them & they really are pure quality candles. I’ve given so many as gifts and my friends absolutely love them. This is my favourite company by far & Steven’s customer care is second to none! 😍

Thank you for your kind words about the Damson candle Lynne. It's one of my favourites too!
Steven x

Sue Shepherd
Scented candle

This damson, patchouli and rose candle has the most wonderful scent.

Hi Sue -thank you for the kind words about your purchase and taking the time to leave a review.
Steven x


Absolutely gorgeous, long lasting aroma, fills the room.

Thanks for your kind words about your purchase Ruth, it's much appreciated,

Steven x

Beautiful aroma

This is the best smelling candle I have ever had and I’ve tried a lot. I have now ordered the winter one. I’ve also tried 3 pillow sprays and they are also gorgeous. Always a fast delivery. Have ordered some for Xmas presents. Great little company

So glad to hear you're pleased with the candle Tracey,

Thank you

Steven x

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