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I inadvertently started Pillowsprays in early 2020 when people were more separated than ever. I quickly realised that many of you were choosing to gift our pillow sprays to friends and loved ones who you couldn’t be with, but who you were thinking of.


If I was more tecchie minded I’d probably have a better idea of exactly what percentage it is, but I’d hazard a guess that close to a third of our sales are from people who buy one pillow spray for themselves, and one as a gift.


The thing is, everyone sleeps. You don’t need to know a clothes size, a favourite film or book genre or a favourite tipple. So our products can be gifted to just about anyone and everyone appreciates a better sleep. But what scent do you choose? Well, I’d recommend our Lavender and Rose Geranium scent. It is our best-selling pillow spray and has great reviews on the website.


I'm currently working on a way to make it easier for you to add a gift note to your order. At the moment it is a bit hidden, but you can enter details in the 'Add Order Note' section of the Checkout page;


Pillowsprays Add Order Note section


I'll then handwrite one of our "A note to say..." cards and insert it in your order. Please note that it is only the Giftboxed Collection that is in a Giftbox, all other items are sent in a postal box only.

Pillowsprays Gift Note


So, next time you need gifts why not consider us? Here are a few reviews from other customers, where people have gifted our products.


A Pillowsprays customer review
A Pillowsprays review
A Pillowsprays customer review


And If you’re looking for other gift ideas, our friends at treattrunk, have compiled this list


Have you bought one of our pillow sprays as a gift? What did the recipient think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Steven x

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