5 tips for recovering after a bad night’s sleep

  • Wake up and get outside

Laying in bed in the morning to try to ‘catch up’ on sleep is usually a bad idea. Any sleep you do get is likely to be shallow, disturbed, non-REM sleep. Instead, try to get up at your normal time and get outdoors into daylight and fresh air to reset your body clock. Ever noticed how much easier it is to wake in summer? That’s the power of daylight. Daylight decreases your melatonin and wakens you, ready for the day ahead.



  • Keep the caffeine intake down
So, you’ve been for a morning walk and feel a bit more human. Now, it’s mid-morning and you can feel yourself flagging. You reach for the coffee …. Well, caffeine before midday is generally fine, but after this and you risk disturbing another night’s sleep. So, if you need a quick shot, now’s the time.


  • Avoid (long) naps

It’s mid-afternoon, you’ve had your morning coffee, maybe a light lunch too. But now you’re desperate for a nap. Taking a nap isn’t the end of the world – it’ll increase your alertness and give you a boost of energy to carry on the day. Just be aware that the later you nap, the more likely you are to have another restless night. Remember too, that long naps can leave you feeling groggy and lethargic.


  • Stick to your bedtime routine

You may be tempted to head to be earlier to ‘catch up’ on the sleep you’ve lost. This is fine to an extent but make sure you’re not setting yourself up to lay awake in bed. You want to hit the sweet spot where you fall asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow – rather than scrolling through social media.


  • Don’t panic

Take a step back from any anxiety you feel about sleep. Worries about falling asleep – or staying asleep – can be overwhelming. So, turn your bedroom into a haven where rest and relaxation are key; declutter and clean your space, minimise disturbances where possible and yep, use one of our pillow sprays to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep

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