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This is one of our most popular items - at just £65 if you use one of our discount codes you'll get them for less than £10 each! Not giftboxed as it's priced and packaged for you to separate the units out as gifts for friends/family (and yourself!). Sent in a labelled, cardboard, postal box.


One of each of the following scents;

- Lavender and Mandarin 

- Lavender,  Rosemary,  Juniper and Sweet Marjoram 

- Lavender and Rose Geranium

- Bergamot and Frankincense 

- Neroli, Rose Geranium and Frankincense 

- Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang,  Patchouli and Lime 

Please see respective product pages for Ingredients, Warnings and Usage instructions.

Customer Reviews

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A lovely collection of soothing sprays

A lovely collection of soothing, sleep inducing sprays

Tracy White

For me it’s the ‘real’ essential oils that are used in the products. I have ordered single pillow sprays, and candles which people always remark on how great they smell. I have just ordered and received my second batch of the discounted pillow sprays which come in 6 various perfumes, all as good as each other. They make excellent Birthday/Xmas presents. Would love it if you could also order Tea Lights.

Rose Acton
Discounted collection

All the sprays smell lovely, I have only used two as I want to find one that will help me sleep,I will keep trying. I have already ordered the night balm to try . I would love to get a good nights sleep Many thanks

Angela Robb
Not just for your pillow.

These Pillowsprays smell amazing and so nice to use as a room spray too.

Thank you for your kind words Angela,
Steven x

alan scott
Pillow spray

Excellent spray if you need to sleep, help me a lot, couldn't have picked a better one. Thank you.

It's great to hear how your purchase is benefitting you Alan, thank you for your review.

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